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8 Short Processes

8 Short Processes 8 Short Processes

"8 Short Processes" is a series of short video works I made in the early 1980's that focused on specific editing techniques that were available at the time. Each of these sketches was produced using analog video editing equipment, and though somewhat limiting at the time, I still thrived on the great flexibility of the medium even then. During this period, I became fascinated by the possibilities of chroma keying ("Joy Ride"), and I began experimenting with rapid editing techniques to achieve various kinds of rhythmic phrasing ("Fiandaca". I also began taking advantage of accidental imagery that came about when shooting and editing ("Car Song"), including deteriorated video signal ("Energy", "1-2-3-4", and "Tunnel"). 
Most of all, what unifies these works is my interest in found sound. I adamantly hold on to all the ambient sound that accompanies the visual element when shooting my video. At this time, my interest was in creating collage-like visually musical compositions, which I like to refer to as painting in time. It's this early phase of my video-making career that strongly influenced the approach I take in my most recent works: "Cicada Songs", "Mexico Painting", and "Barcelona Mosaics".

The image to the left depicts a version of “8 Short Processes” in which a TV set displaying the video appears to be sinking through the top of a table. This installation, entitled “Homage to the End of Analog Television”, was exhibited at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore in 2009 and at the UMBC Center For Art, Design, and Visual Culture (CADVC) in 2010.

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