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Vin Grabill

I began painting 40 years ago, and I switched primarily to working in video about 30 years ago. While I often return to painting, I remain fascinated with the power and flexibility of the video medium. As video advances technologically, it continues to provide me with the means to "paint in time".

I received a B.A. degree in Studio Art from Oberlin College in 1971 and a Master of Science in Visual Studies degree from the M.I.T. Center For Advanced Visual Studies in 1981. After teaching Video Art at the Massachusetts College of Art from 1984-1988, I joined the faculty of the UMBC Department of Visual Arts in 1988 where I continue to teach Video Art. I served as Graduate Program Director of the Imaging and Digital Art MFA program from 2001-2007, and currently serve as Chairperson of the department.

I've been creating and exhibiting works in video art formats since 1979. My single channel video work and installation work utilizing video have been exhibited nationally and internationally. In addition to individual projects, I collaborate regularly with performing artists, choreographers, and poets in an attempt to find new solutions for the presentation of live arts utilizing live and recorded aspects of the video medium.



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